A splash of colour

Seriously, I’m thinking of stamping my name or a logo or something to all of my sketches. These droopy, drugged eyes are definitely my trademarks.

A splash of colour can brighten my day. A splash of colour can also destroy the rest of it.

Oh significant other, the sight of you just makes all the colours around me glow even brighter and warmer.

But the sound in my vicinity still rings in my head making it all the colours fade away into a dark dream.

It’s just so hard to be around you. The awkwardness that I feel and this warm feeling I get just does not fuse. I would love to gently feel you; feel you as you come out of the greasy black engines.

Can the river that runs deep speed up so I can catch up with you? Oh significant other. I’m still sailing behind you, all sad and sodden in the tears that I release. And I still row my boat given the feeble muscles that struggles to hold strong for me.

Wake me up from this slow death. Wake me up from this day-dreaming because I cannot live with all of this.


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