BBQ Bites

After yesterday’s great BBQ Event, all I want now is a pack of dental floss, a cupful of mouthwash and a chilled apple.

A BBQ? Finally. Apparently that day all of my photos taken were so horrible but I really did enjoy the event.

So, we had a Council BBQ at Nicholas’ house. I won’t call it a house actually — Maybe a mansion — because his balcony is bigger than my bedroom and toilet put together. I felt expensive walking on the marble floor.

I would be lying is I say that the whole event went smoothly albeit all the laughter and great food. The journey hike to his house was tortuous but once we got there, I didn’t feel the pain in my ankles anymore. Also the first couple of hours was awkward (You’d be lying to yourself too if you didn’t think of that).

And where there’s a BBQ, there’s always a BBQ man (Luqman) who would be taking care of the cooking and making sure everything is succulent.  There were marinated chicken wings, kebabs, Satay of course, hot dogs and corn cups.

And when it was getting too hot beside the fire pit, we went out and made use my my sister’s camera and did a couple of jump shots. Boy, was it fun.

I saw this piece on the side table and let me assume … it is probably worth more than me and the rest of the Council members put together.

At the end of the day each of us received this personalized token of appreciation for being a part of Council.



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