Seasonal Love

I have my love beside me. listening to it wailing, I hunger for more. I’m enjoying this love I have for it but it does not compare to that of my significant other.

I’m seeing less of you though. I’m listening to nothing more but an echo of my own cry. Your passionate figure is fading from my sight. There is just no substitute for you apparently and that’s a bummer. I’m trying to forget you but each time you’re mentioned or if I see you, I simply melt away.

Your jawline sinks ships and I’m forever trapped in that sunken ship, loving you hoping to hold you one day.

Your eyes melts the cold and frozen layer of my heart away and I only see the beauty that lies beneath you. (and also the beauty that you already are)

The scent that you give clears the path of my mind and I no longer need to think because you’re already there (if you ever were here)

I want you to be in front of me now.


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