Be a woman

I did this small collage 15 minutes ago, because I cannot miss out on today’s blog post; International’s Women’s Day. How can we live without them? I sure can’t.

Blessing all the birds that died so I could live. Be a woman.

How could I possibly forget this day? Women’s rights have came a long way ever since its feminist movement in the 1960s — Parading the era with their grace and ability to have their own rights in either taking on high status profession or to freely exercise social or political rights.

I simply adore them. They inspire me, they give me strength and some makes me feel comfortable for who I am. I can really open up to them. (You know who are are ladies)

Let me introduce to you the 2 most important women in my life; The mum and sister.

If it weren’t for my mum, I wouldn’t have that much creative juices flowing in my head. She’s head strong, persistent. A great seamstress and designer for Malay Women’s wear. (I’ll do a post on her designs soon unless I can’t get hold of her sketch book)

Of course my sister. My twin with characters that are just worlds’ apart. If you ever want to learn how to play badminton, you can totally approach her. She’s very sociable (unlike me). Her actions really are synonymous to a leader.

Sure there is my secondary school female friends, JC ones and my colleagues but that might just bore all of you into the old blues.

I love you all.



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