Weekend Wedding

Already I’ve attended 2 wedding ceremonies this weekend. My hair is wilting from the hairspray I’ve been fogging my hair with. My face is breaking out even more with the cake of powder to cover up the pimple scars I had before. Maybe just a month without vanity and narcissism would be good for my hair and skin.

Someone please sound the alarm to stop all this because the more I see people celebrating their love, the more I feel empty.

On Saturday, me and my mum went to her client’s wedding. She designed and sewed 5 gowns for the family (3 of which you see above). Seeing how excited and happy my mum was to see her designs being worn by the bride and the family makes me really proud of her.

So the second wedding the whole family went to Bedok. Apparently both were Indian weddings and I felt that we stood out as if we were in the wrong wedding.

The food was great. I loved the fish but what I like more was the sight of this person who was in front of me. So beautiful, I was lucky to be sitting at that seat. Hair, full of luster and shine. Nose so sharp, it caught my eye. Sorry, I digressed.

Once again, the food was great. Music, wasn’t to my liking. In fact, I don’t really fancy songs played during weddings. Also, I just realized that whenever my family goes for a wedding, we always get the table closest to the speakers. So I’d shout to my sister and whenever a song ended, I’d be the Donald Duck raising my voice. Well, it happened today.

I hope you had a great weekend. Shout-outs to Cheryl who’s working on her paper. May the literary muses inspire you.



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