Affected by childhood (part Two)

The connection between memory and emotions are tied so tightly together that it’s fascinating to know how the little things can hurt us when it isn’t worth more than a dry birch wood. Even though you try approaching the subject cautiously, it will bite you back in the no-no place.


Saiful was my best friend in 3rd Grade; A great artist and made my laugh so much but just one stupid decision I made caused our friendship. It was the end of the school period and I got our school’s new P.E T-Shirt. Saiful wanted to take a look at the T-Shirt but I didn’t want to because it was packed way deep in my bag. He did insist that he would fold it back for me but I still declined,

Well, because of my selfish decision, he walked away from me. I actually saw my only friend walk away and never talked to me again. You see, even though it was just a small thing, it made me feel so guilty.

Now, I’m so afraid that the person I love would walk away from me. Sure enough, I’d think it’s my fault.


It’s quite obvious that I have a really sweet tooth. It calms me down. That has nothing to do with my childhood apparently.

What does is my binge eating and anorexic behavior from time to time. I have really bad eating habit mostly because I’ve seen my primary school friends of ample size being made fun of constantly. (Primary school children are horrible. I wonder how they are now)

However, there are times that I just don’t want to eat and there are times when I just don’t care anymore. I will buy crisps, candy, chocolate and a bottle of fruit juice and finish it all up in one day.


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