Songbird’s a harp.

You see that hand right there? That’s the songbird I have been talking about; My love right here. I’m hoping this could blur the image I have for the significant other because I cannot handle the stress of it.

I’ve gone through so much trouble just to get the harp. And when my sister called me to that my parcel had arrive, I was so exited. Actually, I didn’t know how to react. I just wanted to go home from my office to open the box.

Cut through the box, swept away all the Styrofoam peanuts and there it was, my beautiful 26 string flatsicle harp from Rees Harp’s Company. It was the most I could afford with. It cost me an arm and maybe a toe or two.

I have never played a musical instrument before so many of you might be skeptical of me playing such a complex instrument. Well, I’m working on it. Enrolling myself for harp lessons would cost me $60 per hour. I can’t even get that much money if I ever teach Geography.

So I’m teaching myself by looking at the scores and watching tutorial videos on YouTube. There aren’t many actually so that is a bummer for me. Still, I managed to play a couple of tunes from my favorite artist, Joanna Newsom. Too bad I don’t have a 47 string pedal harp. ($40,000)

But let me tell you each time I pluck the strings of the maiden’s hair and placed the sturdy birch wood sound board against my chest, I could feel the vibrations synchronizing with my blood flow. It’s so therapeutical even while learning it.

I really have to thank Melissa Erwin for helping me with the order albeit the couple of errors I encounter. I’m one happy customer.

However, you should know how any mum would react at such pricey item. Let’s just say that I was standing beneath a storm cloud, sucking lemon.

So my goal is to first perform for my mum, so that she knows it wasn’t such a waste of money. (I paid the whole thing using my hard earned money by the way. And by that, I meant my Bursaries I received during my primary/secondary school days)

Also, I voluntarily surrendered my credit card to my mum for 2 months just to show her that I’m not a spend whore. Basically I’m living with $20 for the rest of the month. Hello malnutrition days!



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