The boy who came back with a sugar cane stick

Who comes back home holding a sugar cane stick? Me.

So me and my friends were walking towards the bus stop and we saw a group of construction workers (or to nicely put it, labourers). Well one of them was biting onto a long sugar cane stick.

My friend just had to say, “Eh, Sugar Cane!!”. Sure enough, he turned to us and offered the sugar cane to us (persistently). Of course he didn’t asked us to bite on the cane he was already biting on. He broke it into 4 and passed it to each of us.

I didn’t want to bite or chew it because I have no idea where it came from. His saliva had probably trickled down the cane.

Since we’re already on the topic of Sugar Cane. Here are a few nutritional facts of the Sugar Cane:

1) Helps the body in fighting against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.

2) It’s a good source of hydration for your body, especially if you have been under the sun after physical activities.

3) Can prevent sore throat, cold and flu.

Oh and after you’ve eaten the flesh of it, you can totally use it for building or craft projects. Just saying.


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