Like beached whales

That day would be the first time that I went to the beach but didn’t went into the water. I’ve had so many bad experiences with the changing room that I don’t even want to go into the water.

I had my really beach-y outfit on. I call it the painter’s outfit. Me and my family reached the pit early and we set up the tent. (I’m already really watching out what I’m writing because like any family gathering, there will always be a moment of you just wishing you’d want to go back home)

Once we had the fire burning, I just had to go and play with the sand.

Of course we did a couple of jump shots and other poses.

The food was great. I’m still drooling over the satay sticks and chicken wings my aunt threw into tray for us.

We made new friends.

 And when the sun set, my sister took a really scenic picture of the horison.

After that, at about 11pm, we went Starbucks but I really couldn’t eat any more. We then went back home, my scalp was itchy, my face was oily I just wanted to take a shower.

Right now, my body’s aching and Sunday is the time to rest.



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