Pizza for Mum’s birthday

That’s right. It’s my mum’s birthday. It’s the big 50 for her but she looks younger let me just put it out there for you.

There’s just no other person worthy enough today to have a Pizza for a birthday ‘cake’. We are all baking challenged. So the immediate choice was Canadian Pizza. I got the candles from my office too.

Now, you  might be asking me “Why the Harp?” Here’s the thing, I was planning to play a complementary piece of “Happy Birthday” for weeks prior to my mum’s birthday. I was all excited to play it. You can tell by my look that I was so excited but anxious at the same time.

Well, it went horrible. I got the first 6 notes right. It sounded ethereal as always, then when I played the next 3 notes, it was as if the strings shifted positions and I panicked. I then blindly played the harp which ended up sounding very funny. I did a glissando at the end because one can’t go wrong by playing a glissando. I can admit that I didn’t practice the song.

We got for her this bronze traditional sewing machine sharpener. Looks great even if we exclude the sharpener. It was a perfect gift for the designer mum she is.

Also, a sleek watch that is versatile for any outfit she plans to wear. I especially love the rectangular shaped frame. And what about the colour? I was initially skeptical about an all-black watch, but I turned out liking it at the end.

So, something old (or looks old) and something modern is, my opinion, a really thoughtful gift for a person that just crossed the half-century age.

As aforementioned, since we are all baking challenged, my mum baked Californian muffins. As humble as the exterior may look, it is filled with goodness like diced apples, raisins, carrots and coconut that blends so well together. The strawberries ‘strategically’ placed on it (for the purpose of colour) adds a tinge of sour kick to the muffin which takes the eating experience a notch higher.

So to my mother, thank you so much for taking care of us and bringing creativity and inspiration to the family. You are my muse and we will always love you. (plays Whitney’s “I will always love you’)


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