A failed heroic moment

So I was reading my literature porn novel on my way to work today (More about the book soon) and I was this little boy looking at me with his doe eyes. Of course, I minded my own business.

But 5 minutes later, I felt a tug on my left sleeve. It was the same boy, with eyes brimmed with tears. He asked, “Where is this bus taking me to?” I knew straight away that he was lost.

I asked where he wanted to go which was Peiying Primary School and I told him nicely that he was on the wrong bus without having him crying over it. Seeing his tears almost made me cry. I guess my empathy bar was pretty high that morning.

Sure enough, it was his first day of school after being transferred from some school located in Jurong. I promised him that I will bring him to his school after getting permission from my boss to send him. With a heart sweeter than honey, she allowed me to send him.

Well, you might be assuming I was the hero for the day but that would never happen to me.

Alas, I got lost as well.

The boy, Richard, did laugh about it. I tried to make him laugh a little. I can imagine how he feels being lost in a whole new vicinity.

Here’s the thing, it was 30 minutes of walking to and fro, not knowing which direction would lead me to Khatib or Sembawang. I finally made a decision to take a cab there because any more wandering would take another hour.

So I thumbed a cab down. Driver’s name I believe is Mr. Toh Hwa Leong. I really hope I got his name right because he was THE hero for the day.

He first asked why I was with a little boy while I’m wearing my uniform and I explain the whole problem. Mr Toh actually gave us a free ride to Peiying Primary School. It was one of the most selfless things one could ever do to me.

Not only was he a kind soul, he’s a great person to talk to. He was really humorous that I was laughing till I felt a trickle of pee running down my thigh. Richard did reach school safely and

And the thing he did to top off that morning? He gave me a free ride back to camp. I mean that was just too nice. I’m very proud to have some thoughtful drivers around Singapore.


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