Out of muck

I’m enjoying the day today, mostly. The week has been an interesting one; I realized I’m really bad at my own job scope which I’ve been working on for more than a year. I’ll admit that part of it is true. The worst part is, I thought I was doing a good job, but someone has to remind me of all the flaws that I’m not even motivated to work anymore.

Any updates on the significant other? Well, it’s all silent. I guess that’s my answer. I did got some advice from a friend which made the pain less excruciating. Really glad to have shared part of my secret to him.

But right now, let’s all go on a backpack trip to a rural country where there’s little expectation. Let’s sit and watch by the backseat window. Sit and watch the cornfields stretch through the horizon. I can sit there alone, with no one to please. I’m already tired of my loyal heart, marking down the days to eternal darkness.




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