Learnt lessons

I’m asking myself, why my recent posts have been revolving around somber and really gloomy representations of art and fashion. I’m just trying to test out my photo shopping skills and whether I can portray an emotion easily through pictures and sketches.

The main focus you see in the picture above is of course, Queen of Neo-Soul, Erykah Badu. That’s what I call individual style.

I’m already thinking of what post to do tomorrow but since it’s Friday night, I just want to make sure everyone’s well rested and all. Gosh, don’t I sound nurturing?

I’m pretty excited the week’s over. There’s a lot that happened during the past few days; Revival, drama, self-hatred, crush (another one 8D) and ye ol’ work.

The sentence that is running through my mind right now is, “Hafiiz, you better do it right this time round”. I know what my mistakes was but I’m not entirely sure if I can avoid them. Besides, I don’t want to lose another person whom I showed infatuation to. (Worst still, it wasn’t reciprocated?)



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