Before I start writing about the link between nature and us all, I’d like to talk about this picture because it took a lot from me and my sister to get this shot. First of all, we went all the way to Yishun Park to search for fallen leaves. I dropped 2 of our favourite ones and we actually went and traced back our route and miraculously found them among the hundred of leaves on the floor. Still, it was an afternoon to appreciate nature.

I was pleasantly surprised that my mum helped me arranged the leaves on my head and my sister was very patient with me during the photo shoot. Considering them my favourite colours in fashion, I decided to put them on, without clothes. (I meant shirt) The brief for this shot is rebirth.

We all die and it makes sense that we experience some kind of rebirth during the lowest point of our lives. The fallen leaves we found, for example; Dead and sodden after the rain but if you look at it again, the autumnal colours looked more lively then ever. It all depends on how you look at life and the way we live (pun intended).

Love and life is a gift that is renewed every day. And while we can never forget the ones we love, we owe it to ourselves to move on. Rebirth and renewal will follow, in time.

Have a good weekend and a great Earth Day.



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