New prints, and possibly a haircut.

I’m shrouded by the illusion that you will come by.

I borrowed a book from the library on prints and I want to incorporate it to my sketches/pictures. I love geometric prints.

Today’s weather is just too hot. My brain fluids have already evaporated before I had my breakfast. I’m ready to have my hair cut. It’s too long for me to hide it from my bosses. Even a side bang looks really messy because my hair curls even from the slightest humidity which is why, it’s time to have them snipped off.

No more pompadour for the next month. Besides, there aren’t any occasion recently which requires me to use tonnes of hairspray, so it’s not all lost.

I want to be able to walk in front of everybody (even the new significant other) feeling confident of myself.

Time for my afternoon nap.



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