Stop Shark Finning

Imagine what life would be like without arms or legs. How tragic it would be to have them forcefully cut off. Well, that’s happening to one of the most threatened animal species; Sharks. While I do fear them (and so many of you do too), after watching the documentary, I realized my previous thoughts were mislead and sharks are the most misunderstood animals in our world. And if you think otherwise, you’re wrong.

This morning, my brother left the documentary channel on and my eyes elongated to the inhumane acts of shark finning. Looking at the satisfaction from the “harvesters” holding up either the shark head or their fins, made me feel uncomfortable.

As the fishermen held the sharks up, I saw these innocent creatures still blinking, slowly awaiting their slow death on the sea bed. Can you imagine that?

While there are various strategies to put a halt or at the very least, reduce the demand for these fins, you can only imagine the the feasibility of these strategies. And since most industries are profit-oriented, it’s hard to sacrifice that part of their revenue. Let’s not forget the restaurants; If many of us consumers feel contented with a bowl of Shark Fin’s Soup and would pay a hefty price for it, would you ever think the restaurants would delete the soup off the menu? Obviously not.

So asking you to stop eating Shark Fin Soup could help dramatically but seriously, would you?

With 90% of shark population to have plummeted, we are this close to drive shark population to extinction. So it is our responsibility to stop this phenomenon from continuing. And I’m not just stopping at shark finning. Any other, illegal threat to marine animals like dolphins (either to catch tunas or for the fun of it) or over-fishing has to stop. We have to realize that we are, in someway, endangering our the marine biodiversity which eventually would adversely affect our food chain.



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