An Animal, I say!

I don’t know the reason to my animal-related posts recently but it even got into my sketches. As illusive as it seems to see the link between the animal kingdom and us, there are many apparent characteristics/similarities.

You see it constantly being used on the runway (and I’m not talking about full-on leopard/tiger prints creeping up your thighs). For instance, they incorporated beaded animal prints onto the outfits in the Burberry Prorsum menswear fall-winter 2012-2013. It just makes it all more fun.

But men should never have fur on their clothes. I mean, to have some on the collar is the limit. Besides, I’m anti-fur and I’m never having them on my skin.

From the fashion aspect to the spirituality of animal-human relationship, there’s always a characteristic in us that mirrors an animals’. I can say that I’m a wombat at home, a gazelle on the road and a … you get what I mean.

What animal do you think you represent?



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