A need for Labour Day?

When I think of Labour Day or Union, Norma Rae comes to mind. Norma Rae brought up the issue of the mistreatment of working class people in the textile company. And while freedom still remains a personal matter (is it still?), it just takes one person to stand up and make a stand against the exploitation of the textile workers.

And it’s our silence that prevents change. Although the thought of a protest or plead for union is thrilling to me, how do we really celebrate Labour Day in Singapore or any country of that development stage?

I mean, I can say that income inequality or inflation in Singapore give us a reason to not celebrate Labour Day.

If I bring up the topic about wages, businesses here would source for lower cost of doing business. And although there’s this alleged moderation of foreign influx, you know there’s no reason for companies to be raising wages (with all that inflation).  Just for businesses to hang by the thread,  a large segment of Singaporean workforce wages are on the verge of going down. So what do we do? I don’t know. I’m not an economist.

Maybe to reduce the transport cost or public amenities so that there’s competition and a need to be raising the need for skilled workers. And with higher demand for them, perhaps the wages might increase. But I’m just rambling here with my previous economics lessons replaying in my mind.

So do we support national policies or do we strike?

It’s very fortunate to us that we have the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) — Leaves, benefits to not only make sure that the employees are well taken after of but to also raise productivity.

But to be appreciated for our work or service is all I need. I need that sign to be motivated of what I’m doing.



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