Denim Rocktitude

If there’s one thing that gets better with age other than wine, it’s denim; it’s pure, straight forward, unpretentious and flexible.

Either put on your rustic denim ensemble by wearing a simple while singlet and a denim jacket with denim/leather jeans of a darker tone or get sophisticated by concentrating on lines, cuts and tailoring.

Since the mercury’s rising here in Singapore, don’t let it prevent you from wearing denim. A light wash denim cut right at your knee caps (don’t go way lower or above the knee area) can easily give you a modern and casual look. Slightly nostalgic and rustic if you have them frayed at the end but I always like them neat and tailored.

Denim, entwined by the story of America, has made their appearance known since the 1950s. And while denim today is being made used as bags, bow ties, shoes and other innovative accessories, the 70s look is being brought back to style like that of the denim used in TEXTILE Elisabeth and James 2012 collection by no other than Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.

So get inventive with denim.



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