A particular person

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a very long time (a couple of months) but let’s just say I was in a transition state and I needed time to change my perception of the significant other. I realize now that my resentment towards the silence and aloofness that the significant other brought was all tied to my own doings.

You have the right to act that way and I can accept that. It was my fault. I should have not assumed. The emotions I poured out in my short novel have stirred you the wrong way.

It’s just like sipping that cup of unknown tea. You seem so fine with the tea leaves, so crispy and brown with scent unknown. But when you take that first sip and found out that it’s a peppermint tea, you put the teacup down and never took another sip. Maybe if you had known the type of tea that was, you could have expected the taste to be so … weird and took it less painful.

Now it’s all awkward moments with you. And while we have proposed a more professional relationship at the appropriate environment, the stillness and awkwardness I feel makes it almost impossible to forget that mistake I made.

But now I’m trying to do things right. This particular person have things in common with me and there’s a conversation starter. Previously, I found nothing in common with the significant other and it was awkward silence 70% of the time.

They say opposites attract but in this case, two really opposite person can never be together. (Maybe not, if done properly) Well, this time I’m just going with the flow, trying not to get paranoid over the littlest thing.



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