Mother’s Day post

As cliche as the title may sound, I’m forcing myself to write this post within a time limit so that my sister can use this laptop.

With Mother’s Day ending of this week, how fine the day would be, I thought. Well, it was definitely dramatic if you get my drift. I was very unwilling to get out of house on a Sunday but since it’s Mother’s Day, I might as well shut up and go, right?

So, we were all ready to go to my aunt’s house for a family gathering and we surprised my mum with her Mother’s day gift; A framed collage filled with pictures, buttons and all things crafty. It was a perfect time to present her the gift because we were all dolled up for a photo.

It was pretty sweet and funny to see us celebrating Mother’s Day to our mothers and our mum celebrating Mother’s day to their mum. I mean, can you imagine that chain? They’re like the mother of all our mothers.

So at my aunt’s house, we had cake, we watched old malay film, Russel Peters and all things funny. The food was delicious. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

I would be lying if I said that the whole day went well. Half of the time there I was tutoring my cousin for his Geography Mid-year exams. I’m not saying that it wasn’t enjoyable. I’m just saying that, I could have done something more productive at home. (just saying).

So to the person who have taught me the creative things in life and to all the mother’s out there, we appreciate whatever you have done for us and all the sacrifices you have made.




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