Dramatic day

Today was filled with drama and emotions, I felt like Tinker bell; to be able to experience one emotion at a time.

At first I was filled with jubilation, then I became paranoid. After that there was a moment I was hating someone and soon after we were talking again. Even though I was from drama club and I appreciate every form of Art, today was too much for me to handle.

This particular other will always make my day but a news so sudden makes me worried of what might come after.

Not only that conversations of dating and relationships makes me feel pessimistic about my future. I would be lying if I said that I do not want a family. But there’s this sinking feeling inside me that predicts so. With that thought swirling around the corners of my mind, I felt hopeless.

And it wasn’t soon enough when another person cheered me up. You could imagine the roller coaster ride I was going through (and I really hate roller coasters).

So when I was waiting for the bus, I received a call from my sister. Initially, the first thought would be her asking me to buy some groceries or whatnot. But when she told me that my brother had fainted in the train and urgently asked me to meet her and fetch my brother, my hearts skipped a beat. Naturally, one would be really concerned about their siblings. Sure enough I canceled my plan with my friend and hurried to the MRT station.

There he was, pale. It was as if the all the colors and energy were being sucked out from him. His hair all askew, I helped him with his bag and we bought cooling drinks for him.

I’ve fainted once, during a run and it was my fault for not having anything to eat before the run.

Luckily I’m on off from work tomorrow.

Until next time!!!


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