An off day for the Avengers.

Don’t you wish the X-men was present during the movie? By “X-men” I meant Storm and other female mutants like Songbird or Ms. Marvel.


Even though it’s a bit late for me to write this post, I feel that it’s that great of a movie to comment. I’m not writing a movie review, don’t get me wrong it’s a little too late to do that right now. I’ll just tell you what happened in the cinema and my favourite scenes

The first thing I have to admit was that I forgot to take a leak and I knew it was impending doom for me because as you all know, I do not like public toilets. So basically the whole 2 hours or more, was me trying not to laugh so hard or talk or create any sudden movements.

May I add that when Thor summoned the lightning and direct it to the alien army. As soon as the clouds started to roll in, it reminded me of Storm. Well, you know, from X-Men. It was like Ecstasy. That was my “Storm” moment I was waiting or hoping would happen.

Other than that, it was a really great movie. I was a bit pessimistic at first because of all the good reviews over tha past 2 weeks I didn’t want the movie to be over-rated.



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