A literary deliberation

I’m probably going to write another short novel of my thoughts and emotions. I’m just hoping this particular other will react differently to me than how the significant other did.

I hate it when there’s a change of heart. I find myself choosing when there really isn’t an option in the first place. I can’t really put it in words. Now that’s the first.

I can’t be selfish.

I have to do what’s best and while sacrifices will be made, you’ll never know which one will be taken away or what will be gained. I’ll just wait for next week to see how I’d react to everything.

My blog hasn’t been active for about a week again simply because I’m distracted. Also, may I add that last Friday was the ugliest I’ve ever felt. It must be the humid weather working against me but I felt and looked horrible.

Before that I have to give a disclaimer that I am blessed with the features I have whatsoever and I know there are people out there who suffered/are suffering with their physical appearance and I should be happy with what I have.

But at that time, when I saw my reflection in the mirror, I can’t bear to take another look . And then again in the bus —  you all know how the windows of the bus would reflect a disfigured look of you — even with that in mind, I couldn’t see that as a humorous thing. That by itself is a representation of my insecurity.

But once I showered and got all freshened up, I felt better albeit the other things disturbing me that would otherwise call me a mighty man.


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