Cries of a stable boy

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I wish I could just hide under a paper bag and walk down the street. It’s better than having people look at me. You’ve probably read how I’m at my most insecure state in my life right now. Don’t worry, it will pass in a couple of days but as for now I need to write this post.

Now if you’re guessing that secret of mine that I think you’ve uncovered a long time ago, well you’re wrong but good try though.

I don’t even think I have the courage of sharing it here. I’m too embarrassed to do so. It could be such an minute issue to some but this is one problem I cannot handle.

This time, I’ve got no ways of going around the problem and avoid it. It’s such a stupid thing to worry about come to think of it. And worst still, I’ve got other problems to worry about. My weak mind can only handle so much. My body and soul are not in sync and I’m falling into a spiral that fails to spring me back up.

Please pour some thick opaque liquid on me because if I can’t be unseen, let me be concealed.

How am I going to leave my house tomorrow?


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