Sesame Street: Oinker Sisters

If there’s a character/group in Sesame Street or in any cartoon that I can relate to is the Oinker Sisters from Sesame Street. And it is not that their’s pigs or anything. These trio of singing pigs are a take on the R&B Trio, The pointer sisters, who was made famous in the 1970s and the 1980s.

The Oinker Sisters are remembered from their song, “A new way to walk”. Watch the video shown above. Many people commented about my walk. It’s called a “Hafiiz’s Walk”; it’s basically me walking with one hand in my pocket and my body leans slightly backwards. It’s different but I have to own it.

It’s my signature walk, it’s my walk to work, to the office and even at home. And while some would critic my walk as flamboyant, it’s a much better walk than most people. So take pride in your walk because it will show.

Perhaps, the Oinker Sisters might develop a walk in you that you don’t even know of or realize. I like how I’m just rambling about signature walk. Maybe it’s the Sunday heat.



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