World Environment Day

As you all know this year’s theme for World Environment Day (WED) is Green Economy.

Immediately, one would think of businesses that thrive with environmental friendly strategies, increase energy and resource efficiency to create a sustainable way of living. And while we don’t see lush forests in our neighborhood anymore, Green Economy attempts to help regain or revive the ecosystem that has been lost.

I shan’t bore you with the details of green economy like renewable resources, waste management or eco-friendly buildings for businesses and whatnot.

And since the term Green Economy involved people itself, every bit of commitment counts; from planting a tree to organizing a neighborhood cleaning day. Even the easiest bit of effort like using reusable green shopping bags to replace ye ol’ plastic bags can significantly reduce environmental risk.

Lastly, in the modern world we live in, all of us need to be a wise consumer and support businesses that pledge to contribute to Green economy.



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