Grounded to neutrals

My sister took the picture of the insect nest above (Or maybe it’s a cocoon) and I got inspired by the texture and the perfect spheres these insects created.

If embracing the heat is what your thermometer reads, then why not jump into the jeep for a safari ride. You all know the drill; neutrals, Khaki, brown or green-based colors.

But to break that monotonous colour continuation, drape on a printed scarf that gives that contrast and drama to your ensemble. Take for instance, Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2012 heavy scarf. I’ve been trying to scour for that scarf print.

If hope is what you desire in your outfit, maybe the Safari can inspire you. It’s symbolism of being peace, stability and life for African wildlife can be translated to fresh neutrals and the casual clothing.

And let’s not forget, detail is everything as well and we’re not talking about the accessories. Safari marks a journey of one who seeks that freedom and adventure. So for those hiding under the moss rock like I do, it’s time to peep out and see the beauty of it all and avoid the muck.




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