A mouthful of balls (Revealed)

Many would say that if you are with a person for a prolonged period of time, their mask would be taken off to reveal their true character — and you either grow even closer or not, But the opposite rings true; what if the mask fixates itself onto the face or if it taken off to reveal yet another mask? Any word uttered by them would invade our minds and blur our senses. So what do you do?

Easy to day, one can simply ignore this particular person but in a working environment — where conversations confirm our mutual working relationship — a stoic and non-judgmental answer would ensure minimal conversation. Show that you have no interest whatsoever.

It wouldn’t be difficult to distance yourself from these people but to not be impersonal or aloof would serve as a challenge as you wouldn’t want to let your emotions fester. Just play it cool ans with suave because that all that matters; to show that you don’t give a … Unfortunately, my emotions leak (or oozes out) from me and it’s apparent.

The worst crime is faking it. The only time I would try to be fake is when I put on a mask and be nice to people when all I really want to do is slap them on their cheeks.

We don’t need a crystal ball to dichotomize who’s fake and who’s not. Just like a dish on a silver platter, presented with worth of a million dollars but it’s true value lies in the contrast between the bland dish and the silver platter — to please at first glance but all it’s worth belongs in the trash. Men have been turning to selfish treatments to scale the heights of the corporate-ladder and undeniably, personal gain is the motivating factor here. With masks on their faces, their goal is to gain allies that act as their go-to pals. It’s disgusting to see these acts of fake attempts to forge ties or bond with people.

But don’t get me wrong, butt kissing, balls carrying or boot licking are not terrible unethical, subhuman ways of getting ahead, but an accepted, universally standard methods of securing support. Still, this method does not lead to lasting friendships because the individual doing this is not fully being themselves (or how much more individuality.truth he or she is able to show).

Perhaps it is a ploy to get others to like them and to make then feel better. All I can foretell is that it will all be a disappointment. Will they break through or be caught in their own acts? Only time will tell.


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