A melted heart

I would prefer if you were to take this picture figuratively.

We picked our way at the railings, down the stairs and into the mall. Watching the small waves of people dragging us up to the wall.

Tangling hearts like sodden ropes. Dangling limbs like a marionette’s with no manipulator to control us. Hoarding our meals, Burger King and Coffee Bean, we tried not to catch the cold eyes of the gulls. I hope Mother has not overheard what I said for she would not have liked that one bit.

We stayed for the movie, no one told us about my hunger for that couple of hours. I craved for sugar on sticks and you on it too.

And then you had to leave. While I know we both grieved (Or I think I did, at least), my heart made the sound of snow falling from trees.

Walked back home, lanes crowded with people who stared like crones.

But even that, today I felt only kindness. Who do you belong to? What was your name? It makes no difference. I’m glad that you came and I’ll always be listening to you rustle.


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