What we have known: Happy Father’s Day

To all those fathers out there who are worthy of having a major role in their children’s lives, Happy Father’s Day!!

A year ago I would write a post on a Fatherless Day but right now, there’s nothing to mourn about because the memories are there and that’s all I can ask and pray for.

And while the memories are played with the sound turned down low, pictures still speak a thousand words and I think those were days when I was the happiest. (Pardon the out of focused photo) And still,  I keep that fatherly figure in my head to guide me in my life.

But let’s light this fire cracker up because all the fathers or soon to be fathers out there are worth mentioning  in this post. Each one of you are a hero, a guide and a friend.

So my mum made these fruit tarts/pies for Father’s Day. It’s made with love and you know that it will always taste great.



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