Ululate my rippling loss

I ululate at my undying laughter. The dead brine around me and its ripples diverge to infinity.

Imagine sitting by a lake with those you care for. No wind nor rain, the lake stayed dead still. It’s reflection of the sunset resonates with you. You then decide to throw a pebble and are captivated by the ripples it create. The larger it gets, the more illusive the reflection gets.

Beneath the surface lies such cold dead clay where the fishes swim. Even their scales become limp and sodden. It shed like tulip petals and float up the surface. The dourly pieces of grim stayed where they are comfortable but torn from every ripple of the lake. They drift as I wept — even my eyelashes turned into mascara lines. My eyes dangled over the lake to create another ripple.

Does your life have a ripple effect? The emotions that you feel seems as if everything else is connected to it. How we invest our time, energy, thoughts or effort will eventually affect the whole of our lives, collectively.

Embracing the little things could sometimes be the most profound things in our lives and since we are so caught up with the humdrum of life, we don’t get to appreciate the dances of the water surface and how beautiful ripples look; connecting to one another.

Besides, this is still a lesson for me for spiritual fulfillment. Don’t worry, I haven’t even planned out my bucket list.



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