Monochrome thoughts

You know those water-soluble colour pencils which can be used by a brush. Well, I was too lazy to sketch then brush it with a wet paintbrush that I decided to dip the black colour pencil and paint/draw straight away. It’s a two pronged approach anyways.

 It’s a really primary way of sketching albeit the damage I’m doing to the colour pencil. But simplicity can be profound in it’s own way.

And sometimes by toning it down, you get to realize in detail and analyse the world around you rather than being engulfed in your own emotions.

The talk in town is downright sickening. Everything is becoming too complicated. And while I’m able to adapt myself to these situations, all I want is simplicity without it’s extravagant overtone. How would it feel to be in one of those 1960s black and white films (no, not silent films)

Everything would be organised, clean and simple. But it would be a tad boring with all the routine plans. Perhaps, I need to find a balance of acts based both on my emotions as well as reality.



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