Crest Intensive Professional Effects Review and new product!

Well a week has passed and as you can see from the picture, I’m using my last Crest Intensive professional effects Whitestrips. And here’s my honest opinion:


1) It did whiten my teeth. One of my friend actually gave a remark that it was almost florescent and that’s always good to hear.

2) The strips still stick well and did not slip at all. It stayed there for the entire 2 hours.

3) The effects were  noticeable after one strip.


1) My teeth were so sensitive during those 2 hours. Almost every 15 minutes, this sense of electricity in my teeth would react. It was horrible. But the next day, it was fine. My previous box of Crest 3D White strips (The Professional Effects) only required me to apply the strips for 30 minutes only and throughout those 14 days of treatment, there were no sensitivity whatsoever.

2) 2 hours? It was grueling actually. I skipped supper because of this.

Well, at the end of the 7 days treatment, did it give me the results I expected? No. But maybe since it’s really hyped, I expected the effects to be dramatic. My teeth were relatively whiter than normal so maybe the effects didn’t really bring the pearly whites even more.

The effects were similar to the ones I bought last year — Crest 3D white strips Professional Effects — so if you really want fast results for an event or something, you have to pay the price; both monetary and sensitivity-wise. As for me, I’ll go back to the 14 days, Crest 3D Professional Effects, not the Intensive Professional Effects. I can’t bear to have sensitive teeth. (What if I coupled it with Sensodyne?)

So anyways, I’m trying out this other Crest Product since I can’t be using the white strips until another year. So I ordered and just received the Crest 3d White Glamorous White Toothpaste.

I’ll do another review after a week as well. But may I just add that the scent is just amazing.

Some of you might me questioning my eagerness to get whiter teeth. Let’s just say that the confidence boost is really the one thing that can make my day more to look forward to. Perhaps, I’ll smile even more and spread the joy or whatnot.



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