That plank of wood in swimwear

I’m not proud of it but am I embarrassed? No.

So apparently me and my family’s going to the swimming complex tomorrow night and it’s been years since we’ve been to one. The beach does not count due to lack of chlorine but I can’t even imagine myself going to the complex and swim (or what I classified as swimming under my account).

I just don’t feel comfortable near water. I don’t like being wet in my clothes or remain wet. I’m more earth bound. I like the trees and mountains but in my concrete haven.

Anyways, that’s not the swimwear I’m wearing tomorrow. I haven’t planned it yet but I just wanted to wear one because it looked like a retro jumpsuit. I look like a silkworm. But seriously, wearing that made me look like a marionette. It was like my limbs were loosely screwed to my shoulders.

I just hope I don’t look like a plank of wood drifting over chlorinated water.



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