Youth Day

They all say that youth is wasted on the young, only to realize it’s importance when it’s already over. Since I’m venturing out into the big 20, I’m starting to get a feel that I’m too old for childish things and too young to be taken seriously. But I’m miles away from turning into a man or at least a young adult and it’s about time I start to embrace the innocence and freedom of being a young adult.

We make the most common mistakes  during this age period. Let’s not forget the pool of emotion, so foreign to us, that we have to go through and experience. And just like the river braiding, it’s constantly changing and so are we. We’ve yet to discover who we really are and what our capabilities are.

Even so, each and every youth out there are creative thinkers and individuals. No wonder there’s so much emphasis on future leaders and the answer to world’s crisis out there. (Pfft)

Happy Youth Day!!



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