In need of a connection

Wow hasn’t it been a long time since my last post? There was so much temptation to write something because my mind had to avert the storm of this audit check (and its preparation) that ran the past couple of weeks. But, I my eyes had pebbles tied to my eyelashes by the end of the day. Besides, I wouldn’t want to post anything not worthy to be read.

And now that’s it’s finally over (just minor touch ups I have to follow up), I can finally continue writing and think of some creative topics or reviews.

The picture above I feel represents a lot of what I need; a time of complete silence, drifting by the river. Your ears blocked by the water to reflect on your own breathing patterns. I love doing that in the pool while looking up to the sky sheets with impossible dreams.

That’s the time when I can run my thoughts quickly like a film reel. I could have a whole movie of my expectations or mistakes and lessons compressed and get it out of my system. Waved goodbye to the machine in my head, I’m trying to be more fluid in my thoughts. Besides since our acts create ripple effects on our life, might as well go with the flow — pun intended.



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