Racial Harmony Day Celebration

Considered as synonymous, cross ethnic dressing and a spectacle of cultural performances were the highlights of the Racial Harmony Day celebration that I had this evening.

I wore my beige Malay costume. Unfortunately, it appears white from the Polaroid pictures. I have been asking around of a traditional Chinese costume but no one had any. In fact, they were shocked to be asked. So I just grabbed one from my cupboard to work.

Despite some of the yawnful performances, I have to admit that the host added the right touch of humour to the event. Undeniably, the audience who participated in the activities were catalysts to the laughing matter.

May I also add that the orchestral performance by the Music and Drama Company was surprisingly appreciated. Their use of the traditional Chinese classical instruments made it seem easy for the audience to imagine themselves in a mystical lake, zooming into the reeds and rushes. The climatic rise was there and it was no surprise for the group/band to receive an impressed applause.

Tired from it all, sitting at home becomes the best thing ever. Oh, tomorrow’s the start of the fasting month. I’m excited about it.



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