The flower child

I have this somewhat strange  habit/addiction: I love watching documentaries about plants and flowers especially those of flowers blooming in time lapse. It’s this therapeutic satisfaction I get from watching them.

Even as a child, I found them fascinating. There was once I was so intrigued by this white flower so much that people would make fun of me. But they never understood the the connection I have with them. Now I’m no botanist whatsoever so ask me about a the origins of a spider lily or the uniqueness of an Orphium Flower, I can’t answer well.

I would always get goosebumps seeing plants grow in time lapse. Seeing how they grow and stretch like an unhurried man silently reaching great heights in a sultry dance. It’s a form of art right in front of me just digitally enhanced.

Besides the cool factor of time lapse, the way documentaries depict plants as emotive beings tickled my literary juices. I get so inspired by them and how each plant has their own personality and their complementary characteristics.

Here’s a BBC documentary about flowering plants and their advantages to survive over hundreds of millions of years. Enjoy!!

I know right!



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