When temptation strikes

It’s already been a week of fasting and I’d just want to do a little reflection. This is my first time blogging about my fast. Usually I don’t include whatever religious practices in my blog but I’m writing an account of it, so I guess it’s fine.

I haven’t been drinking much water lately. A cup in the morning and another 3 at night. I planned to drink more but I would already be bloated. Now how am I going to clean my system?

Lately, I’m easily tempted by all things sweet. But don’t get me wrong, I know it’s wrong to be tempted during the fasting period. I don’t go, “Aww man, I’m so hungry. I want to eat _____”. I’m just appreciating the sweetness from these candies, I’m imagining tastes and I’m practicing control.

Of course, I’m exceptionally tired but I don’t get hungry, I guess it’s already in my lifestyle that I don’t eat that much. I just need some control in my junk food.

I’m also trying to control my emotions. I taking a notch down on my temperamental scale but there’s be moments when I can’t control it because of my surroundings and without my cup of Milo or a doze of candy, I can’t dissolve that feeling. Eventually, I take it up on my peers.

I do pray for strength and patience. And I pray that I’ll be a good person.


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