Missing the fairy tales


I’ve been catching up on Disney Movies and “Sleeping Beauty” has been one of them (don’t judge). There’s a lot of connotations that I discovered in the movie, maybe because when I was younger I didn’t notice the script or something.

My favourite scene is the guitarist who entertains the 2 kings while they wait for Aurora’s return after 16 years living with the 3 good fairies deep in the forest. Eventually, he gets drunk and swiped some of the King’s alcohol, putting it into his instrument.

Besides “Sleeping Beauty” I’m trying to find the forgotten movies, mostly Grimm’s Fairy Tales, my family had as cassettes — until we threw all of them away. Movies like “The Six Swans” and “Alice in Wonderland” are some of the many movies I’m trying to find. Not the modern interpretation of them. I remember to well watching these movies.

Speaking of Fairy Tale, there’s this story that I truly enjoyed reading as a child and my mum donated it away. The story went something like this:

One spring day the good young girl went to the well in the forest. There she met another old woman, far more frail and feeble than her mother. The woman asked her for a drink of water. The girl replied, “Of course, old mother,” and dipped the bucket for her. After quenching her thirst the woman said, “You are so kind and sweet and beautiful that I will bless you for it. Each time you open your mouth, a lovely flower or a precious stone will drop from it.” And it happened, for the woman was a fairy.

The girl ran home to tell her mother and sister. Soon knee-deep in emeralds and roses, they believed her. The miserly termagant of a mother chased the elder girl into the forest to seek her fortune, too. The old woman was still at the well, and she asked the elder girl for a drink. But the willful girl said, “I certainly will not fetch water for someone who has nothing better to do than sit on wells! Don’t you have a home to go to?”

The old woman stamped her foot and said, “Oh! You are so mean and stubborn and ugly that I will curse you for it. Each time you open your mouth, a horrible insect or an ugly swamp creature will drop from it.” And it happened.

The girl ran home, weeping foul creatures. The shock killed her mother dead. Then a prince rode by and spoke to the younger sister, who was also very beautiful. When she answered kindly, and in gems, he determined right then and there to marry her as a present to himself (her sweetness) and his kingdom (the gems). They lived happily ever after.

Driven mad by her curse, the elder girl ran away to a corner of the forest and died all alone. And since she was always so ugly and quarrelsome, no one missed her.


While I reminisce the movies that strikes a chord with my imagination, I hope this week is just as great as I hope it would be.



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