Frosty Conquest

A tube of white acrylic paint definitely goes a long way. I’m so used to painting with water colour because it’s smudges and organic nature are really where the beauty of it lies.

But when I think of acrylic there’s so much you can do with the texture but I don’t know the techniques. I just let my emotions evolve and be transmitted to my paintings. 

My friend, you’re mistaken.

I dare not speak your name in this place. The common folks are saying and whispering. “My, your eyes looked perturbed”, asked the peasant.

What am I to say? “I’ve been scraping for a lost love from a love song”. The tune’s denying, the lyrics’ not complying to their meaning.

I’m only seeing snow falling from roof tops, unable to see pass the window pane. A slurry of words in front of me and I can’t find the suitable phrase to tell you so. Breaking away from all expectations, I shall carry on missing you.





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