Another tin soldier lost

I’ve been wanting to dedicate this post to full-time National Serviceman Allahyarham Muhammad Fahrurrazi Salim (Lance Corporal) who died in Brunie during his overseas exercise.

The night I watched the news (below) I broke into tears.

I do understand how it would feel to have lost a loved one and especially when the tragedy happened only days before Hari Raya. But I could never empathize the pain his parents are feeling right now. Only 20 years of age, the best days of anyone’s life and he is taken away from this world. And to see his father breaking down and broken beyond repair, that just hit me right there — So much love for his son, so much promises for his future after 20 years of nurturing.

It made me think how short life is and how instant a life can be taken away. And while this thought has been constantly ringing in my head, it’s hard to change our perception on life and that’s it’s both something to treasure and fear at the same time.

And while it’s common to hear that we have to accept death and it’s something we cannot deny, it’s always painful to hear such news. My deepest condolences to Muhammad Fahrurrazi Salim’s family. Rest in peace.



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