Hari Raya Style Analysis 2012

I rushed for this post knowing that Hari Raya is only 4 days away. Any date after that would be redundant.

I did one last year so you can check that out.


This talented mother of three has been tirelessly devoted her time sewing traditional Malay outfits for customers for this coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2012. It comes to no surprise to some that she balances her ‘thimble-and-thumb’ duties with other preparations like say, baking Hari Raya delicacies. And may I add that chocolate might be the main ingredient there. (I’m pushing for it).A never ending venture to explore the different designs from traditional to modern while cross referencing to different cultures like country inspired prints and Asian floral patterns, we spoke to Mum about this year’s Hari Raya outfit trends, the type of prints, design and colour.

Tell us about the types of design trends you have been getting from your customers?

Long dresses and Modern Baju Kurungs (sketches shown above respectively) are what I’m getting and expecting. Mainly one piece ones. Similar to last year, the Baju Kebaya is of lesser demand mainly because the look right now is the Datin look. There are more dramatic Hijabs which is why silhouettes are kept simple.

How about the type of fabric?

Most of the outfits I’m working on consist of lace. Some are beaded as well. The older generation, as expected, will remain wearing either silk or cotton and their prints are either floral or geometric.

Most challenging outfit. 

Probably the fabric that are both laced and beaded. A lot of time is taken up just to remove the beads where the pieces are sewn together. And when a mistake is made in the stitching, it seems like all the hard work’s been wasted.

There you have it, another year of style analysis with me and my mum. Enjoy the last few days of fasting. Make them meaningful.



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