Metta School visit @ Mint Museum of Toys

So today a group of us, highly enthusiastic bunch of misfits, went to visit the Mint Museum of Toys with the students from Metta School. Initially, I was very reluctant to go considering my immiscible relationship with children. I don’t know how to deal with them, but if it’s a chance to put a smile on these children’s faces then I’m up for it.

Being a child from the 90s, the Mint Museum of Toys was the perfect time machine for me to reminisce my childhood days where actual toys was being played and not some device that spoils our eyes. Every level of the Museum consists of different types of toys. Varying from collectibles to the well loved characters like Popeye, Tom & Jerry and Ultraman, it was a treat for all of us.

Each of us had the responsibility to guide 2 children during the guide in the Museum. The couple of children I had to take care of were really sweet and there was a point of time when they were both hugging me. And since I have a heart of stone that gesture transferred some kind of positive energy to me.

Well, it did exfoliated a layer of stone from my heart but the task of taking care of them and ensuring that both are given equal attention was hard. I stood for a minute just telling myself that I’m not cut out for parenting. (So, do not send your child to me for baby sitting duties. I might just be the crone that eats up children like that of ‘Hansel and Gretel”)

After that tiring yet satisfying morning, I wanted to buy a couple of books to read up on during the long holiday that is waiting for me. Penguin books are the way to go for me.
Enjoy the holidays and for those who are still preparing for this Hari Raya Celebration, do not fret, you are certainly not alone. The night is still young to make more cookies and listen to some Hari Raya songs.



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