First day of Raya

Today marks the culmination of Ramadhan after a month of fasting. And while I do enjoy the sense of purity and rejuvenation from the fasting month, a day of celebration afterwards does not hurt.

Besides, to have good food/delicacies and a chance to spend time with our families, that’s definitely one day to remember. This morning was very normal: After coming back from the mosque, we ate Lontong with mum’s Rendang, Satay and whatnot. Asked for forgiveness and off we went. Oh, we certainly didn’t forget to take our fun shots at home (Most of which will be posted on Facebook.)

The number of houses we visited during every first day of Hari Raya are still the same but the time we spent for each house was either hours long or hours rushed.Luckily we had great company to keep the laughter going and of course a camera to keep us moving a bit.

(I did wish we could have seen some of our family members from my paternal side though. And since this is a night of honesty, I’m here to say that I miss them a lot. Maybe one of these days we’ll visit them.)

And the weather report? Unpredictable but thoroughly appreciative of the rain. Alhamdulillah.

I always look forward to the different delicacies every house has. Take that sentence and break them apart, you get: Every hour of house visiting, there’d be consumption of sweet delicacies and beverages, without fail.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re delicious, scrumptious and ‘sweet’ — everything I’d expect in those jars of delicacies. But there was one point of time I was thinking of a cold apple and a whole jug of plain H2O.

And this is only the first day. Am I expecting to gain back the 3KG I lost from the fasting month? Yes. Am I expecting more great food? I need not answer that.

UNTIL NEXT TIME!! and enjoy your holiday!




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