Obsession with White and Bright Teeth (Crest Review)

I have an obsession. It has nothing to do with my sweet tooth anymore. In fact it’s about white teeth. I’ve mentioned this before in my previous post that if you do not have straight teeth, you can always have white teeth. 

And I know I should have ordered them weeks before Hari Raya so I can walk around with my pearly whites but finally my Crest 3D White Luxe Toothpaste came from my mail — which my mum took one of it immediately. I’m still waiting for my White Strips though because they are the ones that really does all the whitening for me.

I’ve mentioned also that the Crest Intensive professional effects White Strips were too strong for me and the duration to have the strips on were too long. Which is why I purchased the Crest 3D White Strips Professional Effects.

As for the toothpaste, I can safely say this: It makes my teeth feels clean up to about 12 hours. I mean normal toothpaste just gives that minty aftertaste (which Crest 3D White Toothpaste has but better) but if does not feel as effective as I want it to be.

Does it effectively brightens my teeth in just one day? No

Does it maintains the brightness of my teeth after using the Crest White Strips? Yes! So I’ll say couple your whitening routine with both the toothpaste and White Strips. I have not tried the mouthwash yet but as of now, both of these are beyond satisfactory. (And when it comes to the whitening of teeth, satisfactory is truthfully good enough because it’s so hard to get your teeth to be whiter economically) But do not forget to floss your teeth. A very overlooked dental routine which should be done after every heavy meal. Because trust me, nothing feels more frustrating than having pieces of meat stuck in between your teeth after you have brushed and gargled your mouth.

Brushing my teeth using these toothpaste is like orgasm. Maybe because of my obsession of whiter teeth. Each time I brush my teeth, my toes curl up. Almost comparable to satisfying that itch of yours by scratching it at the right spot.





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