To die happy

I need help. I find myself more in a state of sadness; sadness beyond all anger and insecurities.

Appearance, to me, is very important and to know that I have a scalp similar to that of a 40 year old hurts me. What’s worst, I have a complexion that shame the Pacific Ring of Fire. I’m only 20 years old and this I have to worry about this, in addition to other problems like relationship and education/career.

I need to change my lifestyle. This negative energy that surrounds me has got to go away. I’m too melancholy all the time, worrying of so many things. Another contributing factor that might lead to my incalculable sorrow is that I take the things that people say way too seriously. It’s stressing me out.

Does society play a part in this thought process that I’m having? Because I find no other reason than myself that’s killing . . . well, myself.

Only time will tell.


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