Lyric 145 _ X Factor USA 2012

Please tell me you’ve been following up on X Factor USA 2012 because I’m smiling about this group right here: Lyric 145.

I’m not a fan of Rap (most of my readers or friends know for a fact about it) but this just works for me. Originally a solo artist and a group, Lyric Da Queen and ONE4FIVE (brothers, Jamelle and Julien Josephwere booted out of X factor but were given a second chance.

The only thing was that they were now a group known as Lyric 145. It’s such a unique group, one I did not expect to be formed. They’re like a cross between ‘Arrested Development’ and ‘The Black Eyed Peas’ but more refreshing. Such a great addition to the show and I just know Simon Cowell, mentor for the groups in this years X Factor, is going to mould them into something beyond great. I’m really hoping they go far in the competition.

Here’s their cover of Party in the USA in the Judges Home.


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