The Phantom Tollbooth

Ready for another Children’s fantasy novel? Because I’ve got one that’s really interesting and once again the novel transports you into this other world. It’s “The Phantom Tollbooth”.

 This is the second novel I was presented to during my birthday.


Here’s a summary from bookrags:

This is the story of Milo, a dull, disinterested boy who travels to another world known as the Lands Beyond. In the Lands Beyond, Milo begins to feel that everyone seems to know so much more than he does. Unfortunately, the Lands Beyond are out of balance, and everything and everyone is unhappy. Milo discovers that the cause of this unhappiness is the banishment of two princesses named, Rhyme and Reason. Milo undertakes a quest to release the princesses and put the Lands Beyond to rights again. Milo is aided in his quest by a watchdog named Tock and a Humbug. As his quest unfolds, Milo learns to learn, and to enjoy learning. After rescuing the princesses and returning to his own world, Milo is like a new person. He’s happy, interested, busy, and ready to continue his pursuit of wisdom.

the Terrible Trivium

I don’t care what people say about young adults reading an illustrated children’s novel. A creative input in life from just a humble book makes me even more enthusiastic to write and sketch.

It’s an easy read, so grab it now.




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